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Things I Don’t Want to Write About

Throwing paint on this canvas

and seeing what it draws
maybe in between the splashes

people will see what I mean

more clearly then if it was just a picture
because these days man
what can be said that hasnt already been
what can be pushed that hasnt hit its limit

narcissisitc society
up on their self loathing thrones

begging the world to knock them down
but they would never get used to the taste of dirt
American haters

hating the veterans

the patriots

the old ones the new ones
making statements and making marches

like thats a new thing
on the eve of the last Independance Day

teething on their tethers coming that they dont see
burning down symbols

just like ISIS




And I sat by the window
watching the world outside burn
and how they got so unbalnced
they rejected all their liberties and blessings
and swallowed the victims lie

and their teeth gnashing they talked about love
and they talked about peace
and objectivity

then they burned Bibles and drew lines

and turned to me

and talked about being progressive and somehow I didn’t fit

and the respect for the any life that happened in our dark history

doesnt matter

and they made us pay


on the inside
ISIS didn’t have to get us
we did it ourselves
so much freedom and liberty

they didnt see
all those words only spoken
while for a moment they were free
useful arragonce and ignorance

in a brand new marxist society

Thrwing paint on this canvas
pictures I dont want to paint
throwing aroudn words
and letters i dont want to write

cover my ears and hide in my head
cutting off from social media

and maybe I found some peace on earth

or at least of spirit

the things that are mine
they cant take it
and cant change my mind

just like the ones in orange

not conforming for ISIS



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Just once

Just once I would like to be surprised
For things not to turn out as predicted
For people not to project face
And then only protect their own space
But I guess it’s what I reaped
In the seeds I’ve sown
For. Looking too hard and waiting too long for talking too much and feeling to strong
Just once I would like to surprised
Once is all it would take
To take me from this place
And fill this tired ache
I’m tired of having the right numbers and playing the right cards
I’m tired of being proven
And I’m tired of building fortresses
And still come out losing
Just once I would like to be surprised
And for the gift to be mine
Just once I would like to be surprised
Just a little bit of fresh air
To simply blow my mind
Just one time
Is all it would take

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