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Maybe the Broken

Maybe broken only heals
Where the cracks happened
And maybe it takes a healer
Who doesn’t know the fractures
Whatever they say
But whatever gathers
In the meanings and connections
That somehow matter
And maybe we only grow
Where we find ourselves planted
But it takes the right kind of sun
In the place where we don’t want to be
But we don’t want to run
Don’t wanna with all the running that gets run
So it’s run again
Or pull out your branches
Stretching out and make some shade
For the next one
Someone behind you
Who might get played
Because maybe broken only heals
In the same place it got broken
And standing inside the fence
It made itself
Maybe those reasoned walls
Just became it’s own hell
So she stepped outside
And though the broken whole
Can’t go back again
Knowing what she knows
Understanding once broke healed
Healed just grows
And so she grows
And stepped outside
And feeling freer than some
Or freer than most
Sometimes fractures call
Her back
Back behind the walls
And looking back or
Looking in
Healing just looks forward
and begins again
Only the broken stay hidden
Maybe broken has to heal
Where it was hurt
And maybe that kind of growth
Is what they journey was worth


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