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What Is a “Junior”? from daniebethune blog 1

What Is a “Junior”?.


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Anticipating Shania

   Shania Twain was my favorite female artist as a young teenager,and the only country artist I listened to at that youn and very limited scope of music interest. I loved her sassy lyrics,style and boldness in the face of musical critics who absolutely  believed she was single handedly destroying country music. On the conterary,the reason I listen to country music today may be because of Shania Twain. I waited for years to hear that she would be coming out with new music. I heard false starts and rumors. Celine Dion came back after her Striesand like “retirement”. Whitney had the most overrated and unsuccessful “comeback” in all of pop music history,and still no Shania.

   When it came across my newsfeed on Facebook that she had published her memoirs “From this Moment On”,I went like a faithful fan and bought the book brand new. There is a slow brewing comeback in the works,with her new television show that thank heavens,is not a reality series for voyouristic drama feeders but instead an inspiring series much like the one Michael J. Fox had a few years ago,her memoirs and numerous spaced out television appearances.

  I have been made laughed at for believing Shania can come back. The midriff baring pop pricess of country is now divorced and healing from emotional battering,how could it ever be the same? Well I dont think it will be,but I do think it will be a success,and it will be much more successful then Whitney and even Celine Dions. Country music fans are pretty faithful and we recognize what is real. Shania,for all the glamour poppy lyrics,has always been real and made us believe that any dream is attainable…and now she is showing that even when our personal worlds fall apart we can pick up the peices and make a new picture. I dont know what the new album will sound like but I’m backing her as I know all of her fans are.

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The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

 “These Magazine people must not get out much”,said a friend of mine, as he got in my car after leaving the CVS that had displayed the “People” magazine that had offended him so much. “They just named Jennifer Lopez the most beautiful woman in the world”…..I wont bore anyone with the details of the much too long conversation that proceeded after his statement of disdain. Needless to say neither of us were able to convince the other that they were wrong. After all,beauty is in the eye of the beholder and alot of what the media calls beautiful is very much more about perception…but is that not the magic of Hollywood?
   For instance,when I asked my friend, who was so abhored that former pop /box office queen was deemed with such a vain title, who he thought was more beautiful then Jennifer Lopez,he said “Halle Berry (understandable)….then he said “Fergie”….oh hell no buddy. Fergie is and never wil be more beautiful then Jennifer Lopez…not by a long shot.(what is up with men and Fergie anyhow…talk about “perception”) Not to be proven wrong by any poll or critique on talent or personality,he then mentioned the Kardashians (none of whom he can stand)…well yes they are gorgeous but in comparison with accomplishments and personality,Jennifer is still the winner. So then he pulled out the afforementioned and  long known fact that yes beautiy  in the eye of the beholder and so no one would be able to agree on who the most beautiful woman in…then what was he upset about? I never did know. Except perhaps for some reason he just doesn’t like the woman. I mean if you are going to say K. Kardashian (any of them) or Penelope Cruz is more beautiful then Jennifer Lopez then it has to be because you dont like Jennifer Lopez…I mean we are comparing at least three exotic beauties with much of the same complimenting attributes.

 So this is a sorry first post in only one of my two blogs,however,I am pressed for time. I will say this; just as I never have  and I never will believe any guys’ claim he does not think Angalina Jolie is beautiful,smoldering,hot,or in the least bit sexy, I will never believe any guys’ claim that he does not find Jennifer Lopez beautiful. The most beautiful in the world…maybe not…the most beautiful in the world  right now? Well look around…yes she probably is. Take into consideration accomplishments…no she is not on top of the charts right now but the woman is a business woman,she does not have to be on top of the charts. She had two kids and looks the same as she did when she released “On the 6″…except she is slimmer now.

  Maybe I feel the need to defend my guilty pleasures in music and movies…maybe I just like to be difficult…or maybe I have a really high BS detector with an equally as low tolerance for it….yeah I think that one fits. Thanks for reading.


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