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LET IT BURN DOWN: Jonny Lang’s “Blew Up (The House)” kicks the pulse of blues-pop up a notch

I have a vast taste in music. I love Jonny Lang, and I had no idea he had a new album. I feel like such a bad fan for this. This SHALL be rectified. If this one track is any indication, Jonny has lost not an ounce of passion. Amazing,as always

Hear! Hear!

Though many of us could be forgiven for not knowing Jonny Lang still had a recording presence, he returns today after a seven year absence with Fight For My Soul, which contains a surprisingly catchy first single — “Blew Up (The House)”, which features a man saving his soul by burning down all vestiges of his prior life “just to watch it burn down.” The song features as crunchy a groove as the young bluesman has yet produced, coupled with a Greek chorus of vocals which reminds this critic of Star Turtle-era Harry Connick Jr.

Rest assured, once you hear this song, you won’t forget it easily. And you’ll be likely to want to seek out the remainder of Fight For My Soul, which looks to be the musical maturation of a man who’s spent half his life reveling in all things blues. If you wondered, when…

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