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Shut Up About Miley Already!

Not sure where this one should go, so I posted in both blogs.

Shut Up About Miley Already!.


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Gaiman’s View of Success

I watched a commencement address from one of my favorite authors. It is actually an old speech and honestly it is funny to say Gaiman is one of my favorite authors, because I have only read one of his books. I have always found him to be fascinating though, and I love to read the blog he keeps. A friend who knows that I admire Gaiman, sent me this video, and it quite possibly made my week. Gaiman has such a way with words-and story telling, like any imaginative and word lover would. I think it is a inspiring speech, whether you consider yourself an artist, a wanna be artist, or for any field you may be going into. I wish I could memorize this speech, and pull out quotes when they are needed. Two parts are especially wonderful, where he lays out three traits one must have to succeed…and then demonstrates how two out of the three are really all that is needed (ANY two out of the three). How he verbally demonstrates how to face both fear of failure and mistakes-and the the fear of success and it’s own failures. The ending statement “be wise, for the world needs wisdom..and if you dont think yourself wise pretend to be someone who is and act in the way you think they would” the ultimate “fake it till you make it”. It is uplifting and fitting for my “Appreciation of the Arts” blog and I share it for everyone who is looking to get closer to the mountain in which they desire to climb, and for those who have already made it part way up the mountain and sometimes feel like a fraud. We all need like minded voices who say “enjoy this”.


August 24, 2013 · 4:46 am