Shocking! FBI finds no evidence Zimmerman’s a racist!

I really shouldn’t get into this but the more I find out and the more that is written (only by blogging and free thinking people) the more it becomes clear that we have been duped. No, I don’t think that justice was fully served-but then none of us were there. One thing is for certain, Zimmerman has been misrepresented by all of the media…all of it. Another thing is for certain, all the powers of authority that be, have been using this case as a pawn to stir emotions and drive an agenda. We better pay attention and pray for the peace of this country to exist. Google “the truth about Zimmerman” and there is ample back up, the hispanic male did allot of foot work for the Obama campaign and now he is being lynched in character by the President himself. The DOJ has a special email for the good citizens of America to send in tips on how to further this case so justice is served? REALLY? This is too much, I need a vacation. I’m going to start playing video games and hiding out on a imaginary island.

Shocking! FBI finds no evidence Zimmerman’s a racist!.


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