Hey honey where you going?

I really should start a third blog. Not about art and poetry, and not about passion and politics. Just about the I random sequences of events that plague my single and thirty life. It might be humorous if I read it ten years from now.
I’m walking down the street… It’s around five and it’s bright and hot on a Birmingham Saturday. I’m going to chic filet to meet my brother who has arrived in the city two hours early, so he won’t be late for his date with my best friend. I’m hungry anyway and am used to walking in the heat… And the day light. Someone is parallel parked and I hear him out the window ” can I come widju?” Thinking he is yelling in a blu tooth I can’t see and won’t stop to investigate, I keep walking. A few feet further the nice red SUV is slowly riding parallel to my sidewalk … ” hey can I come wid u” … It is day time and still a good walk to my destination and thus is gonna get awkward… ” come with me where ??? ” wherever you going” the forty something black owner of the SUV replies. I keep walking ” I’m just going to meet my brother” yes there is another male close by dude so drive away… At a faster speed please- do I look like a game player? ” well I’ll come meet your brother too”…
” no thank you”
Well how bout dinner after you meet your brother?
” no thank you”
” I promise it’s a good deal”
” that’s alright no thanks”
” well how bout I give you my number you put it in your phone and call me when you want dinner… No string attached”
This would require stopping and walking closer to get said number… Do people really DO THIS???
” I… I have somebody, it’s alright thanks”. I heard a murmured discontent but non interpreted phrase.
” well… I tried”.
I was only half lying, the half that was truth was “No thanks”… I must say there are some either really brave souls or some really desperate hearts. From the moment of the attempted pick up I was thinking of an incident a few weeks back, the third day after I had given up my paid parking spot and took to parking in a lot across from the fancy restaurant close to my building. I went out one morning to leave from work and found a note on my car…


” tony bishop- call me”
I took the note to the land lord who had no idea who ” tony bishop” was and neither did I…. But heck if I’m calling him so he can have my number saved in his phone… Apparently he already has been watching me. Creepy. Or maybe I just think differently. No face name and number…. No name face wants to buy dinner.
Them there is the maintenance guy at my building who has suddenly tried to get brazen by suggesting a place for me to wear my ” new red white and blue bathing suit” …. Which he saw when he did some work in my apartment … While I was away. The plumbing was his job … Not taking notes of my apartment and then giving me “advice” but somehow he thought I would be pleased that he was … Um… *cough* concerned about where I would wear that thing. He also thought I would be amused that he missed seeing my truck in my former parking spot.
“But now I won’t know when you are here or not”
” maybe that’s a good thing” I retorted… My patience is wearing thin with this one. He is one more bitch look away from a report … I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I really do, and I hate causing problems or drama. I really really do. Sometimes I wait too long to be sure a spade is a spade.
Point being, are all these men just the loudest guys in the room- hypothetically speaking. Or do they get more brazen with age and have zero to lose. It’s interesting from a study perspective, but down right scary when you are walking along minding your own in your own time – and in your own space.


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