The Angelina Effect


Let me be clear, this is a fan article about Angelina Jolie who I am a fan for life. If you hate Angie or think I am getting unreasonably praising…go read one of my other posts, where I am reasonably balanced in praise and criticism.

I recently read an article in Time magazine called “The Angelina Effect”. The article was dealing with the now public fact that Angelina Jolie, one of the most beautiful women in the world by many people’s standards, has had a double mastectomy. As a younger woman, I collected magazines, movies and anything else with Angelina Jolie’s face on it. So a cover story in Time was no exception. That week, the story had broke on the internet entertainment blogs and it was joked at work “what will the world do without Angie’s boobs”. Well that argument is kind of invalid, given that Angie has not done any nudish roles in years. In fact she has not done many roles at all. The last film she starred in was “The Tourist” which by Angie standards was very low key…almost a throw back to fifties era action, such as Audrey Hepburn in “Charade”. “SALT” was a remarkable action film that only Angie could pull off and she didnt need her boobs to do it. With all do respect…it has been a while since we seen the Angelina of Foxfire, Girl Interrupted or any of the strung out rebellious roles she made her mark in early on.  Angie grew up about twleve years ago. 

   The article was taking into consideration that like incidents in the past decade of fans naming their kids after Angie’s kids (Maddox, Vivien etc) or women getting involved with charity work because Angelina has become an anthropologist like many stars before her, that now women may feel courageous enough to have preliminary mastectomies if they have a gene that makes them liable for breast cancer, ovarian cancer or the like. It weighed the pros and cons of this, and argued how the procedure is not easy to attain neither is the gene test that she had. At the end of the article, what I gather is that no average female would easily come to this decision nor we she likely be able to get through all the hoops to get that kind of procedure done-especially just to be like Angie…making the premise of the article kind of silly. That being said, I do think it is interesting that once again Angelina Jolie has proven to be one of the most unique individuals in my time.

  Like I said, I have always been an Angie fan. In my earlier twenties, as a movie lover, I thought she was one of the most fearless actresses and one of the most dynamic to watch. I thought she was authentic and seemed to be so, even in her interviews. She just did not care-she WAS Lisa in Girl Interrupted. That kind of fearlessness is something I was attracted to. I was not a gamer but I loved that she transformed herself from a scrawny looking drug addled psycho in Girl Interupted into a G.I. Jane Amazon woman for Tomb Raider. Who could do that but Angie? When she started jumping continents as United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, I bought her book. When she got rid of Billy Bob for the son she adopted, I applauded. When that idiot  celebrity ambulance chaser known as “doctor” Drew, took to Fox News of all places to put in his two cents that Lindsey Lohan would get straight and make a come back, but Angelina was going to publicly unravel…after all she is an ex heroin addict and that is what they do. They dont get straight, they just replace and currently Angelina had no replacement and thus would go into a downward spiral and it would be a public embarrassment and her and Brad Pitt would most likely split up. His words not mine. Well that Dr. Drew statement was about four years ago, and if this is Angelina’s downward spiral, well it is the most thought out and expensive one-with the full teary eyed support of Brad Pitt. Dr. Drew just may be a moron. 

   Although I do find her actions extreme, and I cannot say that I would have a full double mastectomy as preliminary action, I do think they were genuine on her part. None of us know what we would do, in any given situation until we meet those terms in our own lives. Many say they would not undergo chemotherapy, if they were to get cancer. Some say they would do anything to survive. None of us know what we will do…especially if we have a world of options and resources. In Angelina’s words “I can tell my children that they don’t need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer…they know that I love them and will do anything to be with them as long as I can”.  I try to think in proactive terms as well, but I probably wouldn’t do this and Angelina has a background that I do not have, I applaud her for transforming herself from the reckless image she had before to what she is now. At least in her image that she shows us. She shows us that the sexual image we created around her over a decade ago, does not apply to her personal life and kids. In many articles I have read since “The Tourist” she has simply stated that her heart was not really in movie making least as an actress. “In the Land of Blood and Honey” was her project on a subject about Bosnia and a war that most of us know very little detail about. Allot of passion went into the film, and native Yugoslavian actors were in the film. It was called pretentious and basically she was harped on for being “preachy”. Iv’e never heard anyone say Angie was not beautiful…well one guy said it but I think he was lying to impress his girlfriend. I have heard her beauty was perceived than actual symmetrical or technical beauty. Ok…same concept. I have heard it was her dangerous and expressive eyes that seem to have no filter. Rarely have I heard it was her breasts, but rather her fearless and sometimes scary aggressiveness film-be that sexual or violent. Many female actresses came after her to reach the bar she set in action films for women…while still being feminine. Zoe Saldan, that chic that plays Nikkita. Angie did it first and she did it better. She may not ever do it again, but not because she has less on her chest, but rather because her priorities and passions have changed. The most beautiful woman in the world, is in some peoples eyes more beautiful because of her choices, but also because of that same fearlessness about what other people think of her and her disregard for the care put on her sexual prowess. She changed what is perceived as sexy. Anyone who says “what will the world do without ….” never paid much attention to begin with. She still has those eyes, which have no filter.




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