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Obama 2016

I was not going to watch it. I already knew I was not voting for Obama, so I did not see the need. Not to mention that I have enjoyed my two years of being free from Fox News and the right wing-left wing bashing. After reading comments from Amazon that there was no party bashing or mention of other candidates by comparison, and D’Souza being described as a soft spoken true journalist who, himself is an immigrant who has had suspicions as to WHY Obama seems to be doing things as if he were NOT the President of the United States, I decided to give it a go. This is the reason I am awake at 2:00 a.m. with a renewed sense of political urgency.

I will say that the film is based on the book “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” and at the end of that book, D’Souza made three predictions that he believed would come true by the end of the Obama presidency. They all came true. So he has also made a couple of new ones near the end of this film. For anyone trying to figure out the “whys” to some of Obama’s moves, this is a film to check out…preferably before the election. For the nay sayers, believe me, you will not find Anne Coulter or Bill O’Reilly or Glen Beck running their mouths off in this film. You wont hear enraging and already debunked urban legends in this film. You wont see any doctored images of Obama saluting the flag with the wrong hand.

This film goes through the life story of Obama, primarily from Obama’s own memoirs. D’Souza walks through statements from that book, even all the way to Hawaii and Kenya, where he talks to people who knew and worked with his father (remember “Dreams From My Father). He reveals Barrack Obama Sr.’s worldview and how people in India and Kenya both attest that world view of the senior Obama is the same as the one of his son. To be fair, the theory that D’Souza has come up with, has made supporters mad, and has finally caused the President to lash out at the author/journalist. We can lash out and call his statements lies, but we cannot (and as of yet no one has truly been able to) discount the facts that are laid out in this movie. From the upbringing of Obama, the influence of his mother, the brother in Kenya who did not take on those same ideological viewpoints, to the Harvard mentors and the associations that were swept under the carpet in the last elections. We can discredit allot of bogus remarks, and we can make far reaching comparisons, but we cannot once again pretend that these events, facts, and associations do not matter. They do matter. It seems like in the eyes of Americans, If these things were not related to a President, it would matter…and that is a scary thought. What is even more depressing to me is the fact that it does not seem to matter how many intelligent and well educated immigrants warn us of the doom we are marching ourselves into, we scoff and call them the “conservative media pawns” or “darlings”…(Dinesh D’Souza, Ayaan Hirsi Ali).

The film is out of theaters and on DVD now, as well as Amazon instant streaming video. No matter what your party affiliation or who you plan to vote for, at least go in with your eyes open. No doubt this will be available on netflix after the election. You know, when even if your mind is changed there will be nothing you can do about it.

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Cloud Atlas

This will have spoilers…don’t be swayed however, it probably won’t spoil the plot for you,seeing that I am still not sure what the plot was.
I like layered stories,layered characters and complex plot lines. I like those in a movie, because I do like stories that make me think. I also like movies that let me escape. I do not particularly enjoy movies that attempt to do both. Maybe that is why Cloud Atlas lost me. Or maybe it was because the trailer made it seem like it was a recurring love theme between Halle Berry and Tom Hanks characters, but the movie proved that to be an inaccurate assumption. Maybe it was because the actual point of the film was lost in the myriad of characters and story lines. Or maybe it was just that the film as a whole was a pretentious art piece and the only reason anyone knows about it is because it was preceded by a pretentious six minute trailer filled with A-List actors.
I went to the movie expecting a theme on reincarnation or something of the sort; people meeting over and over throughout history. In the trailer we see Tom and Halle in modern times, and then we see them in what seems to be ancient times. We hear Tom say “I have fallen in love with Luisa Ray”, so it seems that somehow these two will have a strong connection. I was a bit let down with the connection though. In the modern event there love is never even realized, and it was not the main event of the modern time line. What looks to be ancient in the trailer is actually the future, and Halle has gadgets that once were only dreamed by Gene Roddenberry.
I also assumed that all of the characters were going to cross paths, but there were so many characters I don’t think it was possible, and if they did it was lost on me.

There was not allot of chemistry between Hanks and Berry, in fact there was more chemistry between the two actors who played the male lovers. The most entertaining was the elderly escaping the nursing home that was imprisoning them. THAT WAS FUNNY…”I know I know” (viewers will catch that).

The main point that I drew from Cloud Atlas, is that history in some way repeats itself over and over. Humanity continues to enslave itself by enslaving each other at various points in history. If that was the main point however, even that left hanging threads. In the modern timeline there was not a representation of enslavement, except a slur against womens lib and a one liner about a “wet back”. That was not the story of that timeline, however. Another point could have been that love conquers all and we all touch each other in past and present and even future. Or the point could have been, and it is one that the film does convey and very emotionally, is that humanity can hurt each other but it also can help each other. The small acts of kindness and the large acts of self sacrifice are staples of the film. Exceptional sentiments, but it would have made a bigger impact with less grandiose efforts…at least for me.
To give Cloud its due, I will say that the special effects are beautiful. The metamorphosis by the actors are incredible. I am sure that I still did not catch every character that each actor portrays, I was well into the movie before I realized who some of the faces behind the characters were. Halle plays future and modern Halle as we recognize her. She also plays a white woman and I just read she was a Korean man as well. All of the actors are unrecognizable in some of their roles. For that, this film will most likely win awards for make up, cinematic special effects and probably music. As far as the story is concerned though, I think the expectation were greater than the movie itself.

For those who have seen the film and maybe got  a little lost, here is a review which tells what the plot actually was…


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