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MDNA… don’t even bother

 Unless you really like Madonna rehashing every concept she has ever delivered in her previous work,in a pink and pop new packaging-save it.Yes I know,it is overdue and the album is actually doing well and Madge is the Queen …yes I know Madge is the Queen, and I read the article by a critic giving props to Madonnas more “reflective” writing on this record. She somehow had come to be more open and honest about her need for relationships and she has found her more vulnerable side. I don’t know what side of the record that critic was listening on really,because it seemed that it was just classic Madonna using the medium of the day… hip hop. Funny thing when anyone else makes a record there is all kinds of comments like “the only reason “On The Floor” is popular is because its Jennifer Lopez…nothing original here”, but somehow Madonna can just show up and it is hailed as a genius move.

  Now everyone knows that I do indeed like Madonna-to an extent and with borders. I listened to MDNA at least three times and once was actually all the way through. I liked songs from previous years like “Jump” and “4 Minutes”,and while this album is darker then the last few dance albums she has done,that still doesn’t make it genius. Just because she admits “I F**ked Up” it doesn’t make that song truly an emotional one…remember the R&B song “F**k It” about seven years ago? I mean the assumption that Madonna is showing more of her inner more sensitive core is just bizarre. What “Take A Bow” wasn’t vulnerable? She didn’t write it but still she interpreted. 
    I really did consider the album for the song “Masterpiece” from her movie “W.E”, but in all honesty I can be happy listening to that on Spotify. The video for “Girl Gone Wild” (another outrageously unoriginal song track….calling Cyndi Lauer) was so over the top in ludicrous offenses,as if Madonna was trying to prove she could be the Queen of insulting everything sacred….again,that it was an instant turn off. Sure she looked great-as all female singers do in black and white film-but in all the fake pleas to God and male dancers in heels….yes male dancers in heels, all I ended up seeing was trash. Pretty sad considering what Madonna had finally evolved into was an artist who seemed to be growing beyond offenses and lewd suggestions.I mean even the song “Girl Gone Wild” is a subject that should be wrote and sung about no more then one time in a career…its like the teeny bopper/dance number on a album that can be attributed to your body of work-don’t freaking pull that crap when you are fifty. No I’m not ageist-or sexist . Madonna looks amazing-she moves amazingly…I cant do as many squat moves as she pulled on the super bowl without doing some bodily harm. the point is not that Madonna is too old-the point is Madonnas message is an old one-it has been redone by all of her disciples since she first preached it. Everyone has a party bad girl song as well…

   The next nail in the coffin of “don’t buy this album” was “I’m a Sinner”…..I’m a sinner, I’m a sinner I like it that way….everybody sing it with me…no? Seriously….

  With elegant ballads of pain and standing on your own,Madonna proved she could be solid and elegant. With “Evita” she proved she could be classy. With “Ray of Light” she proved she had grown up and didn’t need to push buttons anymore because you know her daughter saved her life or whatever. With “Music” she proved she could conquer the R&B scene and do it seamlessly. With the next albums whatever they were she went into disco and with “MDNA”, I guess the point is…when you have done it all go back to the beginning and do it again, lest someone else do it better then you.


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