Things that make me sick

  I have been wanting to do this for a while and thought I would start tonight…as I seem to be in an “open and honest” mood. Things I hate-or things that make me sick.


You know that post that every single woman who has ever darkened the door way of any church ever,has re posted on Facebook? The one that says “Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor in morning the devil says “oh no she is up”. I hate that post. The devil is not scared of my feet,or my stomp. If we are gonna get technical about it,since we are supposed to start the morning with prayer,then he really wouldn’t be scared when our feet hit the floor. 

  Another demi spiritual meandering that us Christian women have run into the ground is “a woman should be so lost in God that a man has to seek Him to find her”-I used to really like that one,but then I got to thinking that basically every girl wearing this shirt is announcing to the world that she is available but is too holy to go out with basically anyone,which I don’t believe sends any man who is reading the said shirt to reevaluate his relationship with God. Not to mention there is just no biblical grounds for either of the above christian pop sayings. Neither is “hate the sin love the sinner” which suggests that you can separate actions from the person committing the actions,and since that is impossible we are actually telling Christian to hate people in sin…and that just not what Jesus would do my friend. 
   Another thing that makes me sick…airing dirty laundry on facebook-have some class people. I admit,I have grown accustomed to recording daily events that have no meaning in anyone’s life. Like “I am going to bed now good night,oh wait it’s morning” but seriously…anyone reading this has seen much more personal status posts then that. What is worse is when people post an elusively dramatic post and you know they only post it to get approximately  20 comments saying “whats wrooonnnnggg” which turns into a 67 comment discussion right there on facebook. Relationship status on facebook…there is a time that is useful to your profile,the second you separate or break up and change it to “single” to get 110 “what happennnneeddd” comments is not one of them. Seriously,half the time if you are gonna change it the mili second your personal life changes,everyone knows int he next mila second you will be back together,you kow after you have had your big public battle on your wall.

  Finally …I really hate the “I’m a bitch” posts. I am like this because my life was like this-dont judge me posts. You know like….

and like……

You know the ones that are in the little quote boxes. The ones who just need to offend and then say they do it because they are proud bitches….or whatever. Sure every once in a while a “have I not offended you yet? I’m sorry I will get to you in a minute” is fun to post. It is not fun to read…every single time the poster is online. Have an original thought for sake of humanity.

   The all encouraging “inspirational posts”…


Yeah Yeah…

I’m not a pessimist …but I remember when real Bible Verses were on little cards and book marks and you got them from gift shops and gave them to people who put them up where they could see them. It was an actual act of encouragement. Usually crap like the above post is seen on the same page… I mean ALL of the above post boxes are seen on the same page. Emotional overload-am I supposed to be empathetic,offended or encouraged.

   Reality shows taking the place of game shows,award shows,dramas and soap operas. Is there any real art anymore? The E Network…no wait I watch the E Network.  

HLN…Head Line News that isn’t. It’s celebrity gossip,Nancy Grace and that other loud obnoxious woman who talks about her alcoholism as if it pertains to a case she is commentating. Joy Behar and conservative bashing,libertarian bashing and pretty much anyone who doesn’t worship liberal political elitism bashing. That is HLN…but it is not headline news.

    PETA…and the consistent dogs are better then humans post that come across my feed. Dear God,I don’t have to join the humane society I get the animal rights stores all the time. I get it,I post Ron Paul news in hopes someone will read,be educated and vote accordingly. After election there wont be a need for this…as much. I like dogs,and cats and horses. I don’t think it is right to abuse animals and once in a far away land in past life I threatened not to have dogs if certain people continued kicking the one we had,but I feel more empathy towards human beings. I seriously wonder about people who want to save the dogs,cats,chimps and insects but take issue with putting out their own resources (or even their hand) to help a fellow man. (and no I do not mean government help).

   Dancing with the Stars…I don’t know why.  

There is more. My stint as Andy Rooney is waning though. I shall review and revise at a later date.






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  1. I couldn’t agree more! I hate all those things as well, especially the relationship statuses and the “what happened?” or the “what’s wrong?” Haha, you’re dead on Danielle, good stuff.

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