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Breaking Dawn-yes I did

Every time I see a Twilight movie I want to shoot myself. I keep watching as they come out hoping it will get better. They are such pretty films,even if they are written like soap opera scripts. That being said I was not going to suffer through the latest installment,especially since someone told me the last two books were so much better than the movies ever have been. Alas. I am a girl and I did go see it.

(*note here*) If you are a Twilight lover or hater and are not able to maturely read a blog seeing either of the opposing sides do not proceed. This is not a Kristen Stewart hate blog because I think Kristen is an outstanding actress,it’s not a Harry Potter vs. Twilight blog,because there is no comparison. It is simply my WordPress musings that will probably search all perimeters of this story as I view it.

I am not a Twilight fan by definition. I breezed through the first book and got stuck in the middle of the second and have never picked it back up. When I tell a Twilight fan this they all tell me that New Moon is the hardest to finish because of  meandering fillers,and once its over the next two are the best.  As far as the movies are concerned I found the graphic novel version of the first book more interesting than the movie version of the first book (and the graphics are being released in a painfully slow order,the second just came out last month). As I have stated Kristen Stewart is hawked by Twilight haters for being “brooding” ……that is because the Bella Swan character is a brooding person, people. Stewart got the rave approval and coaching of Joan Jett,when Stewart depicted her in The Runaways,she did outstanding in The Cake Eaters. I have seen clips from Into the Wild where Stewart sings and is very flower child like. I really don’t think she will have any problems waltzing out from under the Twilight shadow/stigma.

On to the movie.

I watched a review of Breaking Dawn that said this was the worst Twilight so far,and I read several blogs saying the same. Of course this does not stop the bazillion young women that flocked to see the movie and it wont stop them from seeing part two. (These reviewers need to realize that if fans of a BOOK series are not displeased with the first film they will most likely see the remainders. )
It is not the worst one yet,it couldn’t be just because things are FINALLY wrapping up.

It starts out slow and cheesy just like the rest of them. You know a young adults fantasy of love in general. The brooding guy that in this case is a vampire the brooding virginal girl who is hell-bent on convincing him life is going to work out perfectly no matter his past sins……Virginal girl trying to win approval from her  friends that she wont be hurt. Virginal girls father walks her down the aisle with a pained look on his face ( I love him he is my favorite character in the films).

A big yawn and in this case I as the audience just wants to yell HE IS DEAD for Gods sake! That is not the point though of this youth love drama-the point is love prevails etc…etc….etc…. What my attention kept being drawn to was that Bella never looked happy about getting married. Maybe it was her impending “becoming a woman” coupled with the later impending “becoming an immortal”. Not simultaneously…

This is when it gets interesting however. I am writing with the assumption that any reader has already seen it or at least seen the reviews or the trailer and so knows the general idea of this film. Bella gets pregnant and finds this out 14 days after the wedding because the child is rapidly growing. No one thought this was possible and according to the book and movie it has only happened once before in vamp/human joining history……

Truly this is the reason I went to see the film. I read a blog ranting that this movie sent a bad message to young women. They did concede that,being a Twilight film the message wouldn’t be that deep but the very fact that it was there showed that there was not much progress for female youth centered literature/movies.  Bella wont have an abortion. That was the rant of the blog. Bella’s mission was to land her man and she was “deflowered” in an unrealistic scene of passion and is immediately impregnated with a hybrid that nearly kills her and thus the entire message of the film is an anti-abortion message.

While this message is clear and unadulterated in this film I doubt that Stephanie Meyer set out to write an anti feminist book series. Given that there was that kind of controversy I did have to go see it. 🙂

In the end Bella gets all she wants. All though we wont see part two for a year most people know what happens,especially the book readers,and when Bella reopens her eyes at the end of part 1,her eyes are red. She has been healed and resurrected and is now a vampire.

As in all themes of young adult love stories there has been angst and longing and frustration throughout the series. Young girl is intrigued by the mystery guy. Mystery guy ignores girl. Finally girl finds out why but does not care about the circumstances surrounding mystery guy because she loves mystery guy who finally dumps her for her protection,whereupon girl stops living and pines and dreams until she gets mystery guy back. In the old days of refined literature somebody would die in these stories but not today they just drag it on for four or five books-and movies. Yes I am cynical. Then I also am not 18-20 years old.

I could write some spiritual drawings from Twilight. Probably from different points of views and it would make either side of the argument angry. I am not in the mood tonight though. Because all in all I actually enjoyed the film after the ball finally got rolling. As a love story centering on high schoolers that get married as soon as they are legally adult (well in Bella’s case anyway because Edward has graduated dozens of times) the themes don’t differ much from other stories. The story always has the outcast with the maiden who saves them in some way. In this case “the beast” is a vampire. The themes are that in all of our differences we all have common ground type of thing. And for the angry feminist who says Bella typifies the American role for women: chase a guy who could kill you on your honeymoon and then have his monster baby no matter what-you obviously didn’t watch the film( or any film in the past ten years) I could agree with the sentiment. I almost did as I sat there watching it. However it must be remembered. Bella has wanted to be a vampire since “New Moon”,it was agreed that after the honeymoon Edward would turn her. When the life is being sucked from Bella at a rapid pace and she is being begged to remove the fetus before it kills her she reasons that during birth or immediately after she could be turned to save her. If she does not make it through the birthing herself so be it. Both are her choices. Her best friend Jacob Black  who is a shape shifting wolf dog but is hot-blooded and alive and  has also loved her throughout the series,and would have been my guy had I been Bella (the book version not the baby with muscles in the movie) offered her an alternative life many times. He was not her choice. She chooses to walk down the aisle to marry into living death for all eternity and then she chooses to have what is said to be a miracle even though it taking what is left of her life away from her.  It is interesting that when a woman is depicted doing the impossible with her body and nearly dying from her actions or the stress  put on her system it is hailed as a heroic thing until it involves a male or love. Now I am not the most romantic and I do snicker at these films and I have my own issues with the male population,but I agree with the statement made by the other actress of another supernatural series phenomenon.

“I’m a feminist, but I think that romance has been taken away a bit for my generation. I think what people connect with in novels is this idea of an overpowering, encompassing love – and it being more important and special than anything and everything else.”
Emma Watson

Twilight. It is what it is. Take it or leave it on that.



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