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      My inner nerd was revealed with no filter yesterday. Thankfully there was no there to witness except my brother…oh yes and anyone who saw my Facebook wall. You see,I did not get to watch the second part of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,and I work all the time and thus have no life,so I had not seen the teaser trailer for “Dark Knight Rising”. 
   Now before my up coming rant,let me say I have liked the last two Batman films,especially “Dark Knight”. No actor will ever top Heath Ledgers interpretation of the joker….except maybe twenty years from now when there is another twist in the retelling of “Batman”. Since the new Batman franchise started I have anticipated the Catwoman reveal. I knew it would most likely be in the last installment and if it was not-well then that would be the ultimate screw over of Batman fans…however,given that Catwoman is essential to the Batman story (at some time or another) I knew that the writers would HAVE to include the feline fatale. 
The Catwoman story has changed and taken on more  retold beginnings and new looks as Batman himself. She has been a jewelry thief,a prostitute,a secretary,a stand alone criminal and paw in the a network of such. She has had her own comic book. (Which I was never allowed to read).  She even had her own Biography special on A&E From what I hear,as many actresses would like to play her as would like to play a Bond Girl. (I would only wanna be Daniel Craigs’ Bond Girl but that’s a blog I shan’t publish)

   When the  Halle Berry movie came out it was hyped and anticipated and landed with a thud….even so, I will admit with limited embarrassment that I do watch it if it’s on tv. Halle Berry was not a bad Catwoman ,the Catwoman movie was just horrid writing. It was horrid writing with way to obvious special effects. The costume was not all that either. Halle Berry did act well like a girl who had been resurrected by a feline god….or what I would imagine someone in that situation would act like. So as a Catwoman fan (yes I said it,I have so few nerdy interests) I have no problem placing Halle in the Catwoman hall of fame.

    The most famous Catwoman of my time is still Michelle Pfieffer in Batman Returns

  She (like Halle) was insecure and walked on in her life before her incarnation as Catwoman freed her from her inhibitions which was not always a good thing. Also popular  in the nineties was this Catwoman

  The most famous of my mothers time is Julie Newmar from the Batman tv series of the sixties


She is still considered one of the most popular versions and Lee Meriwether followed up this style of Catwoman in the Batman and Robin movie.

  Catwoman has always been the embodiment of the fantasy of the unhindered woman. The Cat is envied among most adolescent girls…or maybe it was just me….the cat can sprint quietly and disappear anywhere. The cat can flee when it wants and does not have to be loyal like a dog to be revered and special. It is rebellious but refined and even when it is tame it will always truly be a wild thing. This is why all women want to play Catwoman ,she does what she wants and Batman wants to  change her into something noble,but they are actually a reflection of each other on opposite sides of the mirror. There are layers and depth to this thing.Catwoman at her heart always tries to do right… her and batman have some kind of mental agreement here. As much as we want the other bad guys to be put away,we want Catwoman to get away,and we know that she will. 
   Catwoman has been playful bad,crazy bad and misunderstood bad,but she has always been “bad”.  Before the new era of female heroes started to kicking **s on the big screen,Catwoman was doing her thing. The only difference was she was not the hero,she was the villain. I guess its ok to be a woman with a back bone if you are a villain (but that’s another blog). All my lists of the attributes of a Catwoman are leading to something I promise.
 My point is that one must be an actress that can pull of more than smart lines,leather and curves. She must be able  to pull off depth and layers. Carefree and a little crazy,something sinister but with intentions that could pave gold,above all she must have a back bone and she must have  grit. Girl  got to have some cajones.

   When I saw the trailer my anticipation deflated. Years of waiting just evaporated. I’m already awaiting the next franchise and I have not even seen the film. If only filmmakers realized that the character of Catwoman needs to be as closely considered as if it were a bond Girl or even Batman himself.

  Anne Hathaway.

I was dumfounded. What? I was thinking Mila Kunis…. you know the Baby Bardot/young Angelina. Zoe Saldana (probably  after “Columbiana” she wouldn’t do it  but because of “Columbiana” we know that she COULD do it) Many edgy confident actresses could have pulled this off and I just don’t think Anne can. Maybe I am biased. I have tried so hard to like Hathaway since she became an adult. I did like her in Alice in Wonderland but lets face it,in her body of work that role was an exception. She is like Julia Roberts…you like her or dislike her based on who she is because whatever you see her in she will pretty much be the same in the next film. Like Julia always looks like she will cry or burst out laughing at any given moment, Anne looks like she is gonna say some smart remark and she always plays neurotic and self preserved. I have not been a fan since Princess Diaries,and that film really doesn’t count.
  She will have to blow my mind. I mean she really needs to impress here. I wrote this so that if she does I can come back and say that I was wrong. If she does not I can say “I told you so-please see post of September 21st)
One more note-

What the heck is on her face.? Every movie has had tweaks and changes to all costumes involved but really….this could have been a tad more ….I don’t know…..interesting? If anyone finds other photos besides this,chances are 99.9 percent that it is a photo shopped fan production.
   This a sad day in Catwomandom..and that is my two cents.



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