The thing that is lacking

 It all started with Susan Boyle. Well that was a one time event that will never happen again and I wish veryone would not act like everytime someone can sing that they are the most talented thing to interpret music since Elvis and The Rolling Stones (yes I said The Stones and not The Beatles).

 Every new season of Idol,or Americas Got Talent,Britains Got Talent or Tokyo Idol the best performance of that first episode publicizes it subject to the masses for dayyyyysssss. Thats alright,and I am sure if I were the performer I would be happy…..or maybe not. I am not sure I would want to be thrown out and exalted for the amount of time that is truly spent on these little replays. Everyone talks about them,they are the real thing,the true talent lost in a world of teen pop (which is a subject being saved) and then there is the group calling the performer anointed or blessed…even if it was a “spiritual” song but not neccessarily a “gospel song”.

   I saw many last year and dont remember their names and which shows they represented. The latest is guy who is bald like Chris Daughtery and has a voice like David Cook excpet a little bit more soulful. He is good…maybe even great…but is it so differant that is the  ” VIDEO THAT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT”?


I have more cds that anyone should be allowed to have…really. I am an album collector soon to be collecting vinyl…..again.

 Some people have “the thing”….like in a relationship that is perfect but is lacking “the spark-the thing-“. Well some artists,performers and musicians sound perfect. They sound soulful. They sound hardcore. But they do not have “the thing”. Granted, Boyle very much did have “the thing” but it did not return in her recording…she conveys more emotion live. But the words used by people with short attentions spans and more technical information than any true artist or appreciator for rock music  should ever have is, “phenomanal” and “amazing” and “incredible”…..I have not heard anyone come across the idol stage that was incredible since …well a long time ago. I loved Scotty McCreery -I will buy his album,but he sounds like Josh Turner so that would make Turner incredible. Many people were amazed by the James Durbin…well his story was a amzing but I muted all his performances. The “most talked about” of any talent show has been great,but phenomanal?…..not so much. There always is a first and everything after is just replicationg the first. Artist go find yoursleves and be that.


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