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Yo-ho A Pirates Life For Me…..

Finally a post. I really have not had alot to work with and with all the tragedies of late I felt that it was superficial to be writing on entertainment and I did not have the heart to write on the tragedies. I seem to have lost the bite that I used to have on serious matters. The tornados had a personal effect and what in Gods name can you say? How can you write on the Royal Wedding when your fellow southerners are in despair? How can you write that it is alright to watch and enjoy the fairy tale in England when people across the nation are writing that it in fact is NOT okay to be writing on it when the south is in tatters…How can you write in support of Donald Trump when you already can feel the tide of the backlash that has yet happened (and correctly foretold did happen). How do you write about the upcoming presidential race and your support of Ron Paul when Obama is sucking in all the glory for the work done by the Navy Seals….its a whole confusing pot of turmoil I am not yet ready to stir;I am still in recovery from the last race. Anyone can read the evidence here though….the subjects  have been on my mind.

  The differance in the last presidential race and the upcoming one as they pertain to my writing view point, is that in 2008 I believed everything that any GOP candidate said and I disbelieved everything a democrat said. This is no longer the case…I no longer believe either. It dont get all prideful and teary eyed every time a candidate decides to use Gods name in support of whatever he is pushing. I dont jump on the patriotic band wagon everytime a politician uses his so called support of a veteran to to prove his love of America. I used to. Something happened to me and I’m not sure when. Where used to persons and situations were sold to me as causes I should support,I see pawns or means to a political end. Its sad and disheartening but understand I have not changed that much. My righteous indignation has just been redirected and maybe I dont anger as easily or I’m not as quick to take sides…if there ever was a side to take. Maybe instead of being a willing participant to the king,I’m like a pirate. Its like Keith Richards says…there has to be a cop and the social criminal-they are both need the other to exist or they would both be out of business…so they are essentialy working for the same things( liberal abridging here).

 All that being said…here is my review of “Pirates of the Carribean;On Stranger Tides”.

    I remember the first Pirates move oh so well. I saw it in a drive in movie and much to the chagrin of my husband at the time,I was totally engrossed from beginning to end. I had the dvd later and I watched every single special feature and the move numerous times. I was excited about the follow up but I was disaapointed after seeing it. I watched “Dead Mans Chest” again hoping I would find a thrill but I never did. “At Worlds End” did its job tying up some ends but they were ends that in all truth never had to be untied to begin with. I never liked that Keira Knightleys character decided to become a pirate…she was never convincing. I am all for the female action hero-in movies and in life-but I felt the character of Isabella Swan had to be rewritten between the first movie and the third to be bad ass,and as I said it was never convincing. She would have been better to stay a secret supporter  or stay on some island (that there is no short of in the POTC movies) and keep a hideout for the pirates. I hated how the third installment ended-it was too long with too many endless action sequences and there was no reason why Orlando Blooms character had to become a pretty un dead pirate….or whatever. With every movie I lamented that they should have just left  the story alone the series had gotten out of hand in my not so humble opinion. The best part of the third movie was the little pirate with the oversized gun that backfires him into a man hole,and of course Keith Richards.

   Disney must have caught on. Even with the critical railings of the movies fans love the franchise. They hated the ending of the third, but Disney carried on what we love from  al the movies and implemented a much needed fresh story in “On Stranger Tides”. The critics hate it…but the critics never have stopped me from seeing any movie and making my own judegement.

  There are still long action scenes but they are within the same unbelievable limits as the first Pirates movie. Captain Jack is still the same Jack unchanged and ever the good guy  with no rules playing both sides to ultimately meet his own need. There is a fresh eliment concerning Mermaids and none of them are Ariel or her sisters. Simply put I loved this movie. I will buy this one. Penelope Cruzs’ character played a female equal to Jack Sparrow,unlike Keira Knighley,and probably much to the surprise of viewers,Cruz really pulls this off. She is not amused or blinded one time by Sparrow nor does she attempt to be better than Sparrow,she simply can use the same tactics and play the same game. They are the same character essentialy in both morals and even looks (which is part of the early synopsis). Responding to the fans responses Disney allowed Keith to reprise his role as Jacks father,this irony is the part of the POTC lore. A friend of mine has said that the Pirate movies are Johnny Depps neverending tribute to Keith Richards. Depp has been working with Richards on a documentary of the rock legends life,and maybe its life imitating art but every time I see Depp anymore I scream “dude get your own personality!!!!”…but I digress.

   Bruckheimer and Disney get kudos for saving the franchise in my not so humble opinion. The critics are killing it but I have not heard one fellow fan say that they hated it nor have I heard that is is being ripped from the theatre. Goes to show what the stuffy critics know. We need these movies. We need to be swept away to other lands where mermaids will seductivley terrorize you unless you have faith. We need the scallowag Jack Sparrow to show us how to unconventionaly be the anti establishment hero and still get everything we need to sustain or lives and souls…just like the rock and rebel world needed Keith Richards to be unconventional,anti establishment and make music that nourished the soul,defy the odds and 60 years later come out the most sane and sober rocker of his era. We need folklore,stories,fairy tales and rebels,because we need to believe that everything is not what it seems and we also need to be told that sometimes when it is not what it seems that it wil be alright we can find a way out. We just have to be willing to look outside the conventions society has boxed us into.


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