So many books….

 So “Lent season” is over and I went to Books -A-Million. I went with the pre position to buy Jillian Michaels’ book “”Unlimited”…but after finding that the book didn’t make the Bestseller 40% off discount,I changed my mind. I just was in no hurry to buy a 25.00 book that has more page margin then words. I will be able to get it on Amazonnin a few weeks for no more then twelve dollars. I also planned on reading Ashley Judds book….it will be on Amazon too.

    So I ended up in the military books (my old weaker point in book stores). By the time I left that isle I was confused about my life choices yet again. I wanted the Audi Murphy biography,the Chesty Puller bio,and the huge red book simply entitled “Semper Fi” (which if were left on random tables throughout the U.S. would probably eliminate the need for USMC recruiters). Side note: I love our history and no matter what type of facade our leaders put on as “patriotism”, I love and will always love our military, because I truly believe that there are people who would join for the same reason I would join,and reasons I would still join,that being said I couldn’t buy that entire section of B.A.M,so I went to to the literature section with one author in mind, Ayn Rand.

   I have always had my picks when it comes to literature. I have never been the biggest reader of fiction. I have respect for it but alot of books are just wasted words and space. I love Steinbeck,I love Cormac McCarthy and various other single works from other authors,but I had never heard of Ayn Rand,until last weeks release of the movie adaption of “Atlas Shrugged”. Any conservative person knows that this movie is causing unrest everywhere…which is just pathetic really,even on the part of conservatives. I am disgusted that all types of philosophies are called just that …philosphies, but this one seems to be getting the worst kind of reviews…but I regress. I read up on Raynd on a website devoted to her and was instantly interested. this woman was a philospher and independant thinker in a time when women weren’t pronouncing their studious thought on every corner. She was an immigant from a commuinist run country and her philosphy sprouted from being defiant to that form of philosphy turned government. she brought her philosphy and viewpoint and her belief that the socialist regime was dangerous through her work.

   I didn’t buy “Atlas Shrugged”,instead I bought “We the Living”, Raynds first novel. All of her work seems to have the same running theme and if the message is as important,urgent and untimely as they sound-the movie version of”Atlas Shrugged” is overdue and most likey too late to meet an enthusiastic audience.

  I also happened upon Ron Pauls’ new book “Liberty Defined”…..a few years ago I would have said Paul was a self absorbed crazy man and here I am buying his book. Truth stands and history,although rewritten,still traces back to the constitution. I believe this and as long as the written word can still be printed and people are willing to read and change their minds about their adapted beliefs then maybe there is hope for the nation. I have to believe I prepare myself for some heavy reading.
  Like a great teacher of mine in Bible College said “If you know a secret put it in a book…no one will ever read it”….


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